Feel like checking out where Siraj proposed?If you’re sticking around for a few years after the wedding, the fireworks are well worth checking out in person. It’s crowded and busy but the UK spends millions of pounds.

If you want to enjoy the fireworks, there are a few places to go:

1. You could go ice skating at Somerset House and watch the fireworks live from there (and get on the telly at the same time). Tickets go fast! NB. You can also go ice skating here when it’s not New Year’s Eve.

2. Tickets close to the river cost £10 a head but the view is great, especially if you get there early (Pro tip: go to Embankment Station for the best view (without the smoke from the fireworks blocking your view!).

3. Fatima told me she’d wanted to see the London fireworks for a while but never had the opportunity to go. I decided that’s where I was going to propose to her and didn’t want to be surrounded by thousands of people so chose to go to Primrose Hill and look over the London skyline.

4. Watch it on TV at home. You can snuggle under a blanket and keep warm.